Saturday, 28 November 2015


All laws under the Crime Against Women (CAW) category are anti men laws. Mostly FIR’s are registered on mere statements of women. People arrested and trial continues for decades. But have we ever thought what we are getting by these laws??

Here are few very terrible figures to look upon about CAW, got them from NCRB 2014 data, it shows us figures till 2014-

Total cases pending in CAW are 11,23,423. Maximum contribution is of 498a with 4,99,642 cases.

For all CAW cases we have 3,29,974 men in custody and 12,02,555 men on bail.


21.3% of conviction rate in CAW and which is as low as 13.7% in 498a and 10.2% in DP act.

Imagine about 1/5th CAW accused of them are to be acquitted if conviction rate don’t change, we just forced rest 80% and arrested, seek bail and spend hard earned money in courts. 

Trials run for years and our courts are known to give dates only. Remember we have 87.5% pendency in CAW cases.

Who is getting justice? Do complainant if filed true case gets justice or the innocent trapped in false cases gets justice? Are we just running this whole law and justice system to create earning for lawyers? Are we just justifying judges and police salaries? Isn’t this system is to help people and aren’t we just harassing them by these laws and such a slow judiciary?

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