Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Gone are those days when women were "Abla nari".

Nowadays not only women are successfully performing in various fields but almost equally doing crimes and violence. Abusing laws is very common as either there is no punishment given to them or mercy is granted to them.

Thanks to side effects of women empowerment introduced by feminism which started by talking about equality but ended up asking for special rights and biased laws blindly in favor of women.

Latest incident which grabbed attentions was Sheena Bora murder case. Although it was somewhere clear that who is responsible for the murder but we with our strong perception that woman is always “Abla nari” still don’t want to accept it.

Few others which I could catch up for this story were

Many incident happens, media hardly covers them because of less TRP, can be viewed in the following link

This story is certainly not to defame women but to highlight those who are doing crime and still hide behind the society perception that "Women never lie"

I believe there is change in society and we need to reframe our perceptions also. Crime has no gender, so our laws and law enforcing agencies must treat every criminal irrespective of sex. 
Feminism always portrait women as abla which is not right, they have their self esteem and can achieve whatever they can by their capabilities, I believe we don’t need feminism for them. Feminism is not empowering them but making them dependent of special rights enforced by biased laws.

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