Monday, 19 October 2015


This news clearly shows how politics is played on women issues in our country and major opportunity is RAPE.

Mr.CM promised so many steps to be taken, amending laws, capital punishment, fast track courts etc etc....

I wanted to ask Mr.CM that whether he has forgotten that DCW itself declared that 53.2% rape cases filed between April 2013-july 2014 were false?

Whether he has forgotten that police could not find substances in maximum of FIR to convert them into charge sheets resulting only 1 conviction out of 7000 FIR.

Whether he has forgotten failed live in relationships are leading to rape cases nowadays?

Whether he knows or not that conviction in rape cases all over the country is just 28%?

I am not against those real victims of rape but whether there is any mechanism to safeguards the rights of those innocents trapped in false cases? Is Mr.CM working on those also? Many time courts have stated that those misusing the rape laws need to be punished but ever any of politicians took any steps forward in this direction. Is there any punishment for those who file false case? No.

What politicians have done-

Laws were changed and made more strict.
Strong punishment.
Compulsory registration of FIR in CAW, not even Mr.Bassi can deny to register FIR if finds false.

Still why you are way ahead of stopping this crime to happen still the numbers you show are increasing?

Whats the reason then? And same reason is with all other Crimes against Women. Because in all you consider all statements of women as true and register FIR, arrests the accused send behind bars, trial takes years and ends up in 80% aquittal. Conviction rates are going down and number of incidents/FIR are increasing. Then where is the problem??

The problem is false cases which no body wants to highlight in fear of loosing their vote banks. Everybody wants to show themselves as if they are well wishers of women, but are u??
Courts have many times quoted that these one sided laws are breaking families and are part of legal terrorism going on (498a IPC).
And Mr.CM is known to play this politics earlier also, not so many days have passed when he congratulated a girl for filing a complain and which revealed to be false later but he never ever cared for the mother of the son who was falsely trapped in the case, who was the only earning member in the family.

Solution can not be achieved unless strong punishment clause is introduced in the law, with lack of this the figures of incidents will continuously keep on increasing, candle march will happen, politicians will offer sympathy and seek votes....innocents will suffer..both those raped and those falsely implicated.

(Views are personal)

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